This webinar was presented on 27 of June by the ISfTeH Standards and Accreditation for Telehealth Services (SATS) Working Group and was organized by chair Neja Samar Brenčič. The main goal was to look at current issues in standards and accreditation for telehealth and telemedicine services.


Dr. Drago Rudel, Co-Chair, ISfTeH SATS WG

Introduction to the issue:
Dr. Osama Elhassan, Board Member, ISfTeH
The need for applicative standards and accreditation in the medical ecosystem

Expert’s view:
Dr. Malcolm Fisk
What is new in the development of standards for telehealth and telemedicine?
Why are there so few standards for telehealth and telemedicine services? Why are international standards like ISO 13131 important, what is the value or weakness of international standards in regards to national standards and standards that are developed by specific companies? Which option would you recommend for which type of organization?

Research presentation:
Neja Samar Brenčič, Chair, ISfTeH SATS WG
Available resources for accreditation of telehealth and telemedicine services by specific standards. Feedback from the audience, needs and expectations through on-line response communication.

Q&A / Discussion
moderated by:
Dr. Drago Rudel, Co-Chair, ISfTeH SATS WG
with interventions from:
Dr. Alan Taylor, Project Leader, ISO/TC215 IS 13131 Telehealth Quality Guidelines & Australian Telehealth Society Committee Member
Dr. Kaloyan Kamenov, Technical Officer, Disability Programme, WHO on the “WHO-ITU Global Standard for Accessibility of Telehealth Services”

Frederic Lievens, Vice Executive Director, ISfTeH

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