• Official title of the project: DIGITALLY INCLUDED – Intergenerational synergy in the digital learning environment for quality aging
  • Short title of the project: Digitally included
  • Implementation period: 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023
  • Leading partner: Association of Pensioners of Slovenia (ZDUS)
  • Partners: Institute for Intergenerational Cooperation Symbiosis Genesis (Symbiosis) and Institute fo Research, Training and Consulting in Public Health & e-Health, IZRIIS (IZRIIS Institute)
  • Associate partner: Slovenian Institute fo Adult Education (ACS)
  • The project is funded by: Ministry of Public Administration from the NGO Fund

Short description of the project:

We are introducing an intergenerational digital platform, the first of its kind in Slovenia, which will contribute to increasing the digital literacy of elderly people, their greater social inclusion and reducing the intergenerational digital divide.

The platform will offer elderly people the opportunity to: (1) lifelong learning to acquire functional digital skills; (2) learning to use key e-services for the elderly; (3) access to active and healthy aging content and programs; (4) participation and learning in intergenerational virtual meetings. The first and second options will be through video content for independent learning, which will be innovatively introduced through the gaming system, the third option will offer interactive content prepared by elderly people, and the fourth option will be inclusive and enable elderly people to intensively use acquired knowledge .

The proposed project will address one of the biggest deficits in Slovenia, the ability of the elderly to integrate into the information society, taking into account the specifics, needs and capabilities of the elderly, who will communicate themselves throughout the project. In this way, we will contribute to the implementation of development principles, we will offer non-formal education on the platform and key content for elderly people, which will contribute to the general awareness of the benefits and importance of using ICT for a more inclusive information society.

Contact person for the project:

  • Katja Kmetec:
  • Telephone: 031 612 465